Can Ubuntu Terminal Simulator Adjust Text Line Height?

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Recently usedoh-my-zsh.
It feels good.
There were some problems in the configuration.
I hope to be able to adjust the height, but I can’t find a way.

 "line_padding_top": "7px"

Such attributes.

How can such adjustments be made in zsh?

By the way:
Vim is also how to adjust the row height in the terminal interface

After being instructed by the great god, it was not zsh’s problem.

ThenUbuntuThe terminal of can be adjustedText line height?

Or recommend a better terminal simulator, Ubuntu environment.

Ubuntu environment

ZSH is a Shell, not Terminal… …
You need to set the line height in the terminal simulator setting, which has nothing to do with Shell.
After adjusting the line height of the terminal simulator, the display effect of all command line programs will change accordingly, including Vim and ZSH that you want to adjust.