Can you tell me how GVIM can double-click to open the file and the default method is to open it in the form of a tab?

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Is to open a file like a browser’s tab,
GVIM opens a new window every time it opens a file, which is very annoying. You can right-click on the tab page inside to open the file, but it is very inconvenient. Is there any way to open the file like other editors by using the tab page?
The following methods have been tried and do not work


In case there is already a gvim instance, you can use:

gvim --remote-send ":tabnew /home/zys/temp/<CR>"

To open the specified file in the new tab of that instance.

But not without examples.

If you add the judgment on whether there is an instance at startup … I know how to check the current process under Linux, but I don’t know under windows.