Current path problem during vimtrlp file search

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When I use ctrlp plug-in to open a file, after opening a file, the file directory automatically switches to the directory where a file is located, so I can’t search for files in other directories.


As shown in the figure, I created ABC directory and de files.
When I was,

cd A
 vim .
 : pwd # here is a.
 # < leader > ptrlp shortcut key searches for subfiles in the current directory and opens file d
 : pwd # shows /A/B at this time, so I can't find other files in the directory through ctrlp at this time, for example, file E in the above example can't be found.

The vimrc configuration file does not have a set entry for set autochildir

I saw these two lines of code in my vimrc configuration.

"The working directory changes with the file
 autocmd BufEnter * cd %:p:h

Indeed as expected configuration to match their own, do not directly copy and paste others. . .