Do developers need docker?

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After a brief look at docker, I learned that docker is more convenient for application deployment and migration, but do you feel that developers need to use this? Did the operation and maintenance personnel study this? If the problem is too low, please pass by because you don’t understand it very well. .

Before answering this question, let’s give an example: Is it necessary for a programmer to learn mathematics?
Some developers said, why study mathematics? Is it not enough to use what we already have? Writing code does not require mathematics.
I want to say such a thing, the algorithm will definitely not work!
Taking recommendation system as an example, collaborative filtering algorithm, dimensionality reduction algorithm and interactive evaluation-based recommendation algorithm are presented.
For the dimensionality reduction algorithm, you must first establish the coordinate system and then assume the equation modeling. Find the variance of the map
For example, let’s assume that user 1 likes books a, b, c. User 2 likes books a, c, e, f. User 3 likes books b, d.
The problem we need to solve is to decide whether F should be recommended for 1. Then you first need to know the types of A,B,C, D,E,F and then go to modeling (discrete, mathematical modeling)

Then when a developer writes backstage or front-end (mobile app), he only writes the interface and some login and registration functions, and publishes the content. These do not require mathematics. If you are an app developer and you want to recommend songs based on songs sung by users, will you use mathematics?

Finally, returning to this problem, you don’t need to consider the situation of clustering and distribution for a temporary few users, but if your number of users increases dramatically. And you don’t have enough money. What would you do?

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