Do I need to create a. vim folder?

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Operating System: debian8.
This is how my vim is installed.

sudo apt-get install vim
 After the installation is completed, all the files are here.
 There is no vim file at all.
 When I install emmet, how do I install it?
 1. Mode 1
 1.1 Download emmet and Decompress
 1.2 cd /home/debian8/Downloads/emmet-vim-master/plugin
 1.3 sudo copy *  /usr/share/vim/vim74/plugin
 1.4 cd /home/debian8/Downloads/emmet-vim-master/autoload
 1.5 sudo copy -r *  /usr/share/vim/vim74/autoload
 2. Mode 2
 1.1 Download emmet and decompress it to create relevant folders
 mkdir  /home/debian8/.vim
 mkdir  /home/debian8/.vim/plugin
 mkdir  /home/debian8/.vim/autoload
 1.2 cd /home/debian8/Downloads/emmet-vim-master/plugin
 1.3 sudo copy *  /home/debian8/.vim/plugin
 1.4 cd /home/debian8/Downloads/emmet-vim-master/autoload
 1.5 sudo copy -r *  /home/debian8/.vim/autoload

May I ask, is installation mode 1 or mode 2 for operation?

The second way. Personal settings should be placed in the user directory as far as possible.

It is not recommended to manage system areas in ways other than package management.

Vim can also have a package manager, that is, it has to learn another tool and learn more and more. .