Do you really feel “vim’s reborn for the 21stcentury” when using NeoVim?

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As if it didn’t have anything very, very special?

DISCLAIMER: switch to Neovim for about two days, then give up, which may be biased.

In fact, in a word, I think Neovim may be more meaningful to developers than to ordinary users. According to anecdotal information, the main reason for Neovim is

  1. VimL sucks;

  2. Vim codebase is ugly´╝Ť

  3. Developer Community unfriendly

So byThis matterFor the fuse, a man namedThiago de ArrudaThe young men came forward and fork created VIM, thus creating Neovim.

The main improvements I have seen from Neovim are:

  1. Many codes of VIM have been reconstructed and many useless codes have been removed. It is said that the code is 30% shorter than VIM.

  2. The VIM plug-in architecture has been re-spent, especially providing asynchronous support for plug-ins

So I said what NeoVIM means to VIM and vim plug-in developers.At presentMay be much greater than for us.

As a user, I was actually quite happy when I first saw the asynchronous mechanism of plug-ins, because as users of syntastic and YouComplete, I was deeply annoyed that these plug-ins slowed down my VIM. But when i installed Neovim, i found that these plug-ins were still slow. Google once discovered that currently only plug-ins capable of supporting Neovim asynchronous mechanism are available.TheseThe plug-ins I use are not listed in it.

Conclusion: for the time being, Neovim offers very good developer-oriented features and is very promising.roadmapHowever, its development still depends on the support of many plug-ins. Unfortunately, there are still very few, so at present I don’t think it is worth bothering with. Of course, I hope Neovim will develop as well as possible, and maybe one day I will have enough reasons to migrate to the past:-)