Docker Configures lamp Environment for Help under mac

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Before, mamp was used under mac or lamp environment was built by oneself.
Recently, the system was reinstalled, and vagrant and docker were considered for learning.
I don’t know if there is any recommended configuration tutorial recommendation

Is vagrant Required to Use docker under mac? I think there is a boot2docker under the installation tutorial. Can vagrant not be used? Which is better?

Boot2docker is actually a vm management tool similar to vagrant. There is a mac installation wizard on docker’s official website. You can download the installation files of boot2docker directly and install it directly. vagrant does not need to be installed again. Although vagrant has some people making boot2docker’s box, that one can only play docker in vm and cannot directly use docker on your mac.

After the installation of boot2docker is completed, use docker pull to create an image of lamp. Take a look at thisimageThe download volume is the highest.

The comparison between docker and vagrant can look at the problem of stackoverflow. The authors of vagrant and docker have discussed it above:should-i-use-vagrant-or-docker-io-for-creating-an-isolated-environment