Docker’s official redis image specifies the configuration file.

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Refer to the use of redis images in docker store.Help

Alternatively, you can specify something along the same lines with docker run options.
$ docker run -v /myredis/conf/redis.conf:/usr/local/etc/redis/redis.conf --name myredis redis redis-server /usr/local/etc/redis/redis.conf
Where /myredis/conf/ is a local directory containing your redis.conf file. Using this method means that there is no need for you to have a Dockerfile for your redis container.

First I created a directory/docker/redis/And put the configuration file in it:redis.conf.

Next, I use the following code to start mirroring:

> docker run -v /docker/redis:/data --name my-redis -d redis redis-server /data/redis.conf

reoccupydocker inspect [containerId]Looking at the container you just created, you found that the container exited immediately after it was started:

"State": {
 "Status": "exited",
 "Running": false,
 "Paused": false,
 "Restarting": false,
 "OOMKilled": false,
 "Dead": false,
 "Pid": 0,
 "ExitCode": 0,
 "Error": "",
 "StartedAt": "2017-02-07T03:15:46.558191922Z",
 "FinishedAt": "2017-02-07T03:15:46.973984747Z"

In addition, I tried not to specify the configuration file, just hanging it/dataDirectory, there is no problem, can start smoothly:

> docker run -v /docker/redis:/data  -d redis

It seems that we have found the reason. I willredis.confhit the targetdaemonize yesComment out and run! But what is the reason?

#!  /bin/sh
 set -e
 # first arg is `-f` or `--some-option`
 # or first arg is `something.conf`
 if [ "${1#-}" !  = "$1" ] || [ "${1%.conf}" !  = "$1" ];  then
 set -- redis-server "$@"
 # allow the container to be started with `--user`
 if [ "$1" = 'redis-server' -a "$(id -u)" = '0' ];  then
 chown -R redis .
 exec gosu redis "$0" "$@"
 exec "$@"

The above is the official redis mirror entrypoint script, shell script does not understand, check the first lineset -eIt means:"If the command return value is not equal to 0, exit the shell immediately."Is it related to this? Or withdocker runThe-dAre the parameters relevant?"Run container in background and print container ID"

This is how mine started

docker run -d -ti \
 -p 7481:6379 \
 -v /project/pos/conf/redis.conf:/etc/redis/redis.conf \
 -v /project/pos/data:/data \
 --restart always \
 --name pos_redis \ \
 redis-server /etc/redis/redis.conf