Enter a line of code under VIM, need to switch modes many times, feel particularly tired (thunder)?

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Some time ago, I had a rough time with VIM. Recently, I tried to write code with vim-mode-plus plug-in under ATOM. After watching many people say that writing code with VIM is flowing smoothly, I admit that it is very convenient to use VIM when reading code and various jumping efficiency is really high. However, some operational doubts have been bothering me when writing code. Why do I feel that it is not smooth when using it?

For example, I would like to enter

console.log(parseInt(“422.123weroz”, 16) + Number(getObject(value)));

My method of operation:
Enter the insertion mode (i,I,o,O, etc. are acceptable), and then enter
Because there is automatic completion, it will become
Log (parsign ("|")//| represents cursor

Then enter the string parameter

At this point, you need to move the cursor to the right of the double quotation mark to enter “16”.
Here comes the problem. Excuse me, do you return to the normal mode (Esc,ctrl+[, ctrl+c, etc.), then press the “l” key to move the cursor to the right, then enter the insert mode, enter “,16”?

After the input is completed, return to normal mode and move the cursor to the right to cross), and then enter the insert mode input+ Number(?

For this part with multiple brackets and quotation marks nested, it is very tiring to switch modes, move the cursor and enter the insertion mode continuously. There are very few things to input, but the operation is very complicated.

Please ask the expert to give you some advice on your operation?

Vim users said
In this case, there is no need to quitInsert Mode, direct input"And)Just fine

Completing the map,
Not familiar with JS, hand speed is slow

For the record:

Using any method to move the cursor in insert mode will cause interruption of undo history, including < arrow key >, < Home >, < End >.
Most plug-ins that automatically complete quotation mark brackets in insert mode can be repeatedly entered to skip the characters to the right of the cursor without causing undo history interruption.
The interruption of undo history will affectu,<c-r>,.Wait for an order
Vim’s most powerful command is.
The symbol on the right side of the cursor caused by non-plug-in completion needs to be skipped. I suggest returning to normal mode, because this is no longer the scope of a modification.

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