Gem install compass failed to install using Taobao Ruby with 404

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The initial error message is given in the figure.


The picture is very long and has been redirected. The first dependent file access is 404.

The error message at the end is:

I have looked for similar problems on Google, but the results are not.
Ruby is used preserved mirror image of is still not good.
Before the Taobao Ruby image was not used, the error message was (GEM:: RemoteFetcher:: FetcherError)

Beginners have just started to build the Sass precompiler and install the Compass framework. In case of this problem, people who want to know the relevant problems should answer it. Thank you.

Issue description update:

There is no problem today. compass can be installed normally regardless of my local DNS address.
The initial 404 error may be due to:

Q: sometimes Gem installrails-pre (gem with preview version installed) cannot be installed correctly?

A: Since Taobao Mirror does not implement the protocol below the /api, and installation of the pre version requires these things to check for dependencies, if you need such installation requirements, please switch back to the official RubyGems source temporarily.

I did not install the Gem of preview version, but the information displayed after passing the -V parameter indicates that compass also accessed this dependency first, so 404 error occurred, but it will not affect compass installation.

I still don’t know the cause of the problem, but today there is no mistake of redirecting all the time like yesterday.

Sorry, I seldom use Taobao image, so I don’t know what happened. The administrator of this image is in ruby China community, you can ask. As a programmer, scientific Internet access is very important.

In addition, if you start to learn sass now, then I advise you not to learn compass. This project is no longer going forward, because compass, a large and complete library, has proved to be a wrong design choice after years of practice.

Therefore, you don’t have to use ruby. For example, you can use node-sass, and the performance is faster than ruby sass (support for sass is slightly less, but it doesn’t hinder normal development and will be upgraded continuously)

Supported tools can learn bourbon, neat, susy, breakpoint, etc. Don’t learn big framework, learn components, and learn to implement some common patterns. This is the right way.