Git pull will have merge operation, then why does git push not have merge operation?

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I knowgit pullequal togit fetch+git merge, VCS view log can see every timepullThere will bemergeAction.
thatgit pushWhy not?mergeThe operation of the?Pull and pushIsn’t it relative?

As you say.git pull
This is equivalent to the following operations

git fetch origin master
 git log -p master..origin/master
 git merge origin/master

Why doesn’t git push have merge? Isn’t pull and push opposite?

The concept of relativity is defined by yourself, if there is no relative explanation for any instruction,git pushNot automaticmergeI think you also know the operation of the, but if someone did submit before this, it will prompt you to update the local warehouse, that isgit fetchOr ..git pull, yougit pullWhen not to give your ownmergeSo every time you submit it, it is the cleanest version required in the current version library. You can understand that the total version library is also a person, and it will automatically be there.mergeAll the code, but if it can’t be done, you need to help it.mergeIf you have to say there is a relative instruction, then I think this is similar.

git push --force