Git takes up a lot of memory, but it has been deleted and returned. it cannot be deleted. what’s the matter?

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UsewebstormAfter checking the memory usage, I found thatgitThe occupation is extremely high, so I deleted it, but it will take a while.webstormI checked again to see, git came back again, deleted several times in a row and came back again. MakewebstormGood card. What’s the matter? I was fine yesterday.


Delete, immediately come back, and then from0kIt started to increase almost every second.3000KThe speed of increase, added to2,061,544KIt stopped, and thenwebstormHe began to get stuck.


And minewebstormHow to occupy memory2,705,772K, how to take up so much,webstormI know the memory usage is high, but not so much. I want to reinstall the system or even give upwebstormYes, but don’t give up.


webstormIt’s really good to use it, but in three days it will change into a card. I really can’t stand it. What should I do?

Webstorm’s own git tool has been running, which is not generally the case. It is speculated that the occurrence of this anomaly may be due to its inability to commit or synchronization, which causes it to run consistently.

If webstorm’s own bug caused this problem, then ban its git function. If git function is needed, just use git yourself