Githubpages+jekyll Encountered Problems in Setting up Personal Blog and jekyll s

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I want to be a personal blog, with git, ruby, gem and jekyll installed.
The process of installing jekyll:

gem install jekyll
 cd d:website
 jekyll new myweb
 jekyll serve

Fork created another blog and ran it

jekyll serve

The following error occurred:

D:/softwares/Ruby22-x64/lib/ruby/gems/2.2.0/gems/bundler-1.12.5/lib/bundler/spec_set.rb:95:in `block in materialize': Could not find RedCloth-4.2.9 in any of the sources (Bundler::GemNotFound)

But strangely, from the gem list, i have installed redcloth.
gem list

bigdecimal (default: 1.2.6)
 bundler (1.12.5)
 colorator (1.1.0)
 directory_watcher (1.5.1)
 ffi (1.9.14 x64-mingw32)
 forwardable-extended (2.6.0)
 io-console (default: 0.4.3)
 jekyll (3.2.1)
 jekyll-paginate (1.1.0)
 jekyll-sass-converter (1.4.0)
 jekyll-watch (1.5.0)
 json (default: 1.8.1)
 kramdown (1.12.0, 0.13.8)
 liquid (3.0.6, 2.4.1)
 listen (3.0.8)
 mercenary (0.3.6)
 minitest (5.4.3)
 pathutil (0.14.0)
 power_assert (0.2.2)
 psych (default: 2.0.8)
 rake (default: 10.4.2)
 rb-fsevent (0.9.7)
 rb-inotify (0.9.7)
 rdiscount  ( )
 rdoc (default: 4.2.0)
 RedCloth (4.3.2)
 rouge (1.11.1)
 rubygems-update (2.6.6)
 safe_yaml (1.0.4)
 sass (3.4.22)
 syntax (1.0.0)
 test-unit (3.0.8)

I don’t know much about git and ruby, and I don’t know if the configuration sequence is wrong, but I really want to make a blog myself.
I really don’t know how to solve it, please consult the great gods.

  • System: win 10

  • ruby:2.2.5

  • bundler 1.12.5

  • gem 2.6.6

I also installed bundle’s.
I switched to hexo.
In the process of using hexo, found that input in the browser
No response may be due to the port being occupied.
Thank you all.