Golang Web development issues

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Do you want to know whether the large domestic company go web dev uses off-the-shelf web frameworks such as bee,echo gin, or native net/http+httprouter?
Is there a big bull in a big company? I feel that if I don’t need a frame, many wheels will have to be built by myself.

The frame is a tool, not a silver bullet.

The framework can avoid some repetitive wheels and bring convenience for developers to deal with interactions.
It is also because of this that the framework cannot cover all aspects. It provides some universal and optimized methods, but it is not aimed at some specific businesses.
Therefore, in general, large-scale projects will integrate some tools developed by third parties or teams on the basis of the framework.

For example,Gin is used as the routing controller, and gorazor is used as a template engine. In the aspect of identity authentication, a middleware is developed based on product authentication rules.
Then,With the increase of demand and the expansion of the middle tier, the original framework is no longer competent. At this time, the company may develop a complete set of solutions to meet the needs. Of course, it is another matter whether to open source or not, but it is basically the encapsulation of the underlying api, but the design pattern, optimization degree and complexity degree are different.

Therefore, it is beneficial to learn to use these frameworks, but what is more important is to learn their design thinking and enhance their ability to expand.