Hexo blog uploads updates, which can be updated in github and in localhost:4000, but the blog is not updated

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I don’t know how to push or anything, but github and localhost:4000 have been updated, but there is no update in the blog.
In fact, the workstation I am using was moved here, and then a new branch of hexo was built in github’s library, and then I don’t know how. It seems that the contents of the two scores are exactly opposite to what I imagined.
The new hexo branch has become the html code of the blog, while the original master has become the source code of the blog (that is, a pile of CSS). I don’t know what effect it will have.



Blog address “Yeasion.github.io”,github project address:” www.github.com/eason/eason.github.io “
Then I don’t know what push is, what is the effect of the default branch in the library settings, and which branch should be uploaded every time hexo d ….
All in all, my mind is a mess now.
Listen to other people say you can start with hexo clean or something.
There is also talk of deleting the. git folder and public
None of them have any effect.

Please be a great god.

Question Update: It’s not a matter of delay. I have waited all day without any change.
I said that the source files are stored in my master branch, which may have problems, but I don’t know, and I don’t know how to solve it.
The following is my source code:

(V ⊙v⊙ Well, let me first get into the question of the subject. It should be like this

  1. Localhost:4000 display normal
  2. The code of github remote warehouse is also up to date (consistent with localhost)
  3. Yeasion.github.ioThis domain name is not consistent with localhost:4000

The reason is: github’s renderNot real-timeThe code is uploaded to github warehouse first, and github will pull files from github warehouse and render them into static pages after a period of time. So just wait. The longest estimate is not more than half an hour.

As for this skill:

hexo clean
 hexo g
 hexo d

If localhost is inconsistent with github warehouse, it is used to update github warehouse.


In addition, generallyhexo dBy default, it will be push togh-pagesThis branch, this is the default branch of github pages.