Hexo+github build blog last couldn’t resolvedhost “github.com”

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When building a blog in the way of hexo+github, after the local static blog is configured, I want to upload the local project to the github server, thus building a blog in a real sense. However, after I have configured the _config.yml file in git bash and created the first blog file hexo new “hello “,I input hexo d -g on the command line but did not get the correct result according to the online tutorial. _ config.yml. The error screenshots are as follows:


The error notification under gitbash is as follows:

Error tip: fatal unable to access’https://github.com/SkyWongHz/ …‘; Couldn’t resolved host”github.com”
At first, I thought google might be the problem caused by github’s two uploading methods. Now I use https to configure it. I may need ssh configuration to solve this problem. I don’t know much about ssh configuration and haven’t seen it in depth. So now I have found the root of the problem, or am I saying that the problem is caused by other circumstances.
The front-end Xiaobai is building a blog. I hope you can help me!

How do you upload without ssh?
Tutorial Liao Xuefeng’s blog includes