How can gvim be set to automatically indent the cursor when it wraps within an html tag, starting with another line?

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This is the effect in brackets.


Gvim is this effect after the line breaks. How to set it up like brackets.

For the effect shown in the following figure, please refer to the code and set the. vimrc file.


set tabstop=4
 set expandtab
 Set softtabstop=4 "indicates that the indent length is retracted when the backspace key is pressed in edit mode, which is especially useful when using expandtab.
 Set shiftwidth=4 "means that the length of each indentation level is generally set to be the same as softtabstop.  When set to expandtab, indents are represented by spaces, and noexpandtab is represented by tabs.
 set autoindent
 Set cindent "automatically indents for c language