How can vim automatically display a complete drop-down list?

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When using vim, if you need to automatically complete a word, you need to press < Ctrl+p> or <Ctrl+n >. a complete drop-down list will appear. how do you configure vimrc to make the drop-down list appear automatically? That is, a complete drop-down list will automatically appear when entering?

Plug-in address: sc …
After downloading, just put it in the. vim/plugin directory.

You can configure the following two options to adjust the default behavior of SuperTab:

G: the default value of g:SuperTabRetainCompletionType is 1, which means to remember your last completion method until you change it with other completion commands. If it is set to 2, it means remembering the last completion method until ESC is pressed to exit the insertion mode. If set to 0, it means that the last completion method is not recorded.
G: The value of SuperTaBDE FaultCompletionType sets the default completion method, and the default is Ctrl-P.
You can set these two variables in vimrc, for example:

let g:SuperTabRetainCompletionType = 2
let g:SuperTabDefaultCompletionType = “<C-X><C-O>”
Now you can use TAB to complete it, just like in a shell, which is much more convenient!