How do I manage ultisnips scripts?

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Filephp.snippetsThere are more and more snippet…endsnippet blocks in the.
It is more and more inconvenient to manage, especially when some code blocks are very large.
Under the observationhonza/vim-snippets, found that is also a language a file;

Is there any method or folk prescription to govern it?

Look at documents
Look at documents
Look at documents …

Using a strategy similar to how Vim detects |ftplugins|, UltiSnips
iterates over the snippet definition directories looking for files
with names of the following patterns: ft.snippets, ft_*.snippets, or
ft/, where “ft” is the ‘filetype’ of the current document and “” is
a shell-like wildcard matching any string including the empty string.
The following table shows some typical snippet filenames and their
associated filetype.

snippet filename         filetype ~
 ruby.snippets            ruby
 perl.snippets            perl
 c.snippets               c
 c_my.snippets            c
 c/a                      c
 c/b.snippets             c
 all.snippets             *all
 all/a.snippets           *all

For example, you have a bunch of ruby snippets. You can split these snippets into separate files. Then you can manage them through directories.ruby/*[.snippets], can also directly use file managementruby_*.snippets

In fact, how do you manage the code?