How does git commit -v replace git commit -m”commit message “

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How does git commit -v replace git commit -m”commit message “to submit code?

Please refer togit-bookWhich is described in detail above

Enter onlygit commitA text editor will be launched to enter a description of this submission. (The software specified by the shell’s environment variable $EDITOR will be enabled by default, usually vim or emacs. Availablegit config --global core.editorCommand to set your favorite editing software. )
The editor displays the last rungit statusIn addition, there is a blank line at the beginning for you to enter the submission instructions. If you want more detailed tips on what has been modified, you can use the-vOption, this will put the diff output of your changes into the editor so that you know exactly what changes have been made in this submission.
When exiting the editor, Git will discard the comment line and generate a submission with the information you entered with the submission.

So, usegit commit -vWhen submitting content, a text editor will be started to require input of a submission description. At this time, you only need to enter a description, then save and exit. If the input description is empty, there will be no result in this operation.