How does gitlab add relationships between projects it creates and other people’s projects to meet the needs of merge code?

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At present, I have created a gitlab project. how can I merge my project into someone else’s project? In the past, I established a subsidiary relationship through fork’s other people’s projects and can realize merge. Now I am a project that I have created myself. I have no goal and cannot merge. Please ask the bosses to solve it.

One way is to add the remote of other libraries in your own local warehouse, that is, the git remote add new-origin git library address, then you can create a new branch, git push new-origin branch name, and then you can create mr on the webpage (provided you have the permission to push).

But this difference will be very big, you are equivalent to pushing a new library to the far end, and the git commit history you pushed is totally inconsistent with the history you want to merge into the library (if the library you built yourself is the library that clones want to merge into, then say something else)