How does rails clear the browser’s resource cache?

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A rails project now has a problem: I modified the parameters of this swf file. The page loads the previous swf file, for example:
1: there is an attack.swf file to preview on this page
2: Found that the positions x,y of some elements in attack.swf are incorrect.
3: So I modified these parameters in the page and generated attack.swf again after packaging with the program.
4: Then refresh the meeting.
At this time, I found that the parameters I modified did not work. What China loaded for the browser was that the previous swf file did not load my newly packaged file. After I clear the browser’s cache and refresh, I can see my newly modified swf file.
Q: Is there any way to clear these caches in rails?

This has nothing to do with RAILS.
It is mainly the configuration of the website’s resource server, which may be Apache/Nginx or ruby’s own.
You can imitate ruby’s handling of resource files. If swf changes, change its name to avoid caching problems.