How does Travis CI get only change files?

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Hi, when I was maintaining staticfile, I had this requirement: I need to check whether PR submitted by others meets the specifications.

However, staticfle is a very large library. if git clone is required for every pr and submission, a lot of unnecessary traffic will be generated. Excuse me, is there any way to get the updated files in this PR?

For example, such a PR: …

I need to check what he submittedpackage.jsonWhether the documents conform to the specifications and whether the documents are all placed in the places that conform to the rules.

This is an interesting question. I specifically checked Github API and found such an API:List pull requests files.

I think you can try to call this API to get the PR update file. Whether it is placed in a place that meets the rules, you can directly judge from the URL of the file, and whether the file meets the specifications, you can directly access the contents of the file through the URL and check later.