How does vim customize mode and key-map under this mode?

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Problems faced:

When using the gitgutter plug-in, you can jump between multiple modifications by using the following command

- GitGutterNextHunk
 - GitGutterPrevHunk
 - GitGutterPreviewHunk

If you map each command<leader>j/k/por\j/k/pHowever, there are still other plug-ins to use for these mappings, and shortcut keys are not enough.
But if\gj,\gk,\gpThe operation is too slow.


I3wm can customize mode and key mapping under mode..

If the effect of the topic is the same, can vim be realized and give a thought for its realization?

I don’t think it is necessary to make a shortcut key for this uncommon plug-in function. You want a custom mode.

I have tried i3wm once, but I am not very familiar with it. I think the so-called modes as window managers can be switched between each other.

But the Vim model has a central point: Normal

According to your thinking, switch to custom mode, jump to the place you want to go, switch Esc back to Normal mode, and then enter Insert mode. are you tired?

Besides, have you read the instructions of GitGutter plug-in?


You can jump between hunks:

  • jump to next hunk (change):]c

  • jump to previous hunk (change):[c. …