How does vim select ESC key binding

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Vim Except hijk, the key frequency is probably the highestEsc, I have a littleEscA sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder. DefaultEscThe key is far from the border and it is troublesome to press it. How?

With the help of google, we found two solutions:

  • CapsLock => Esc
    This binding habit obviously comes from emacser. after trying, it is still comfortable for Capslock => Ctrl. give up.
  • imap kj <esc>
    (注意:是kj而非jk,其间的区别多按几下自能体会) I feel very good, that is, the burden on index finger/middle finger has increased again, hijk is going to cramp.

In addition, the scheme I am currently using is: right ALT(Command) => ESC
First, the right Alt percussion rate is very low, which is just the use of waste keys. Besides, the right thumb is the most relaxed of the ten fingers on the keyboard, which just gives him something to do.

How do you bind this ESC key

CTRL + [

ESC for modern keyboards is really far away.According to the letterOn the keyboard of a long time ago, ESC was very close.

This is a very early keyboard, pay attention to ESC position and HJKL (and CTRL)