How does vim’s nerdtree open a folder?

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I am the folder opened by pressing: e path in nerdtree window.
But then there was a problem
After jumping to that folder, the files opened with o will appear directly on nerdtree instead of the default editing window, and the opened files will not appear on MiniBufExplorer. how should this be solved?

Your problem description is not very clear.
My personal use of nerdtree is as follows:
Map the NERDTreeToggle command to the key, and then press to open or close NERDTree;;
After opening NERDTree, use J and K to scroll up and down to select a file or folder. After selecting the appropriate file, press Enter directly to open the file in the editing area on the right. If a folder is selected, NERDTree will automatically expand the folder;
I wonder if it will help you.
By the way, I didn’t use MiniBufExplorer.