How does vim’s ycm plug-in modify the font color of the preview display?

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I want to know how to change the background color of ycm, or the font color of YCM, as long as I can see clearly. .
I went to google to look at this problem (Baidu can’t find it at all. . ) and then only found a similar answer

Google’s answer
The man said it might not be the ycm plug-in, it might be the vim’s own font color, and then gave a solution

highlight Pmenu ctermfg=2 ctermbg=3 guifg=#ffffff guibg=#0000ff

I tried, but the color looked strange, and I tried to change the values of guifg and guibg, but it didn’t work. .

Want to ask:
If google’s answer is feasible, how should it be revised?
Is there another way?

This is decided by Vim’s colorschme, and a more pleasing one should do. If you have to change, it is probably these elements:

  • Pmenu
  • PmenuSel
  • PmenuSbar
  • PmenuThumb

Specific view:h Pmenu.


If the color is strange, there are settingsset t_Co=256Is it? Use 256 colors.