How does vscode’s vim mode exit back to normal mode?

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As shown in the figure, I am using this plug-in, and what does another visual mode mean?

Press cw to return to normal editing mode

VIM introduces Visual mode. To select a paragraph of text, first move the cursor to the beginning of the paragraph, press V in normal mode to enter visual mode, and then move the cursor to the end of the paragraph. Note that the character where the cursor is located is included in the selection. At this time, you can perform some operations on the selected text. Common (visual mode) commands are:
X or D cut (i.e. delete while the selected text enters the clipboard)
Y copy
R CharacterReplace all characters with new characters
U U ~ means that all letters are changed to lowercase, uppercase and reverse case respectively

When the command is entered, VIM will return to normal mode, where you can press P or P to paste. Commands for Copy and Paste in Normal Mode:

V enters visual mode
P or p pastes the contents of the clipboard at the current position, p is stuck behind the character where the cursor is located, and p is stuck in front.