How on earth do we get into VIM?

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At present, my level of VIM operation is relatively limited, and I can use it. I can also use common shortcut keys and methods, but it is still relatively slow in development. Here are some materials for efficient development.

1. As for vimrc, many of them are not clear about what it means, so borrowing others’ configuration may not be able to use it well, and many of them may not be used, so please ask Great God to give an introduction to vim configuration.

2. Regarding vim disassembly, because many plug-ins are not clear about what they do and whether there is a Chinese plug-in network, it is more clear and clear what they mean. Because I don’t even know what the commonly used plug-ins are, such as directory trees, such as quickly locating the target function, etc. I don’t know these plug-ins, which greatly affects the development.

I heard that there are some tools. If configured in vimrc, you can pack and install a bunch of plug-ins with commands, and you also need this information.

4. Seeing a colleague or friend using VIM is really fast. The plug-in and various shortcut keys are matched, and the development efficiency is really high. I envy it very much. Hesitate for many reasons, don’t want to ask them, so come here for help great god of information

5. There may be more and more interesting things. I’m not sure about them. I hope someone can provide information from shallow to deep. Thank you very much! ! !

One book, Practical VIM, is available in both English and Chinese. …

Many of VIM’s techniques are derived from this book. It’s worth seeing.