How to configure a “unified one” shortcut key for running “Python, Ruby and other mainstream Shell languages” in Vim?

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There is often a requirement that in the Linux command line, one hopes not to deviate from the script file currently edited under Vim run tests (such as sometimes printing a thing)

For a single language like Python, I know,<leader>r :! python %<cr>

I know that shell can be called in Vim, but how do multiple languages map to a shortcut key (initially drafted as < Leader>r)?

The basic idea is to useautocmdAccording to the type of the currently buffered file or the type of syntaxmapOrders.

For example, if you only need to compile/execute the current file, you can do so in yourvimrcAdd the following to the file for each different file type:

autocmd FileType sometype nnoremap <buffer> <F5> :w<CR>:!  somecompiler % <CR>

For python, it is

autocmd FileType python nnoremap <buffer> <F5> :w<CR>:!  python % <CR>

among them<F5>Can be changed to other keys you want to map, such as<leader>r.

If you need to cross-platform, please refer toHere.

If you need more advanced functions, such as multi-file compilation, running part of the code in the file, you need to write your own VIM script. Python can be referred toHere.