How to eliminate once and for all the side effects of vim-markdown’s folding, unfolding and grammar highlighting on octopress markdown file?

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vim-markdownThis plug-in is aimed atfiletypeFormkdThe file for is automatically setfoldmethod=exprThat will be used against therake new_postgeneratedmarkdownThe file has the side effect of folding somewhere, expanding and grammar highlighting:

展开前展开后,可看到 <code></span>categories</code> 及下行有多余的语法高亮效果

Without changefoldmethodOn the premise of this, how to eliminate it once and for all is good. Thank you!

Updated: I didn’t expect there would be any good solution, but I found an alternative.vim-markdownNew plug-in forvim-octopressNot only does it not have the side effects of the former, but it also supports it.rakeCommand built-in. There is no need to continue to dwell on this issue.

Look at vim-markdown’s help document, through in.vimrcThe variable set in should be disable vim-markdown.
If you don’t use it, you can even remove the plug-in.

Ps. vim itself has markdown’s plug-in, but only syntax highlighting.

Another method is for reference only:
After opening the markdown file,:set ft=txt.
Or add a vim modeline at the beginning or end of the highlighted markdown file that you do not want to collapse:

<!  -- vim: set ft=txt: -->

I’m not sure if I can work. Try it. I haven’t used vim for a long time.