How to enlarge vim’s window is not a good way to find it.

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The Internet said
: ctrl+w+Vertical Enlargement (Line Number Increase)
: ctrl+w-Vertical Shrinkage (Number of Rows Decreased)

Among them, shrinking can be used, but expanding cannot be used all the time.
Ctrl w (shift =) I didn’t press my four fingers

I just want to map these two keys
:nnoremap <leader>= <C-W>-
Although the reduction can be pressed by hand, the mapping written is not useful. ..

It may be that I wrote this map incorrectly.
I want to ask how to write the correct mapping. Or how to use your finger to press out the screen to enlarge. .

I usually press F11 to enlarge the whole window, and when I press F11, it will return to its original effect.