How to replace selected lines or specify text within several lines in vim

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After reviewing the vim command list on the Internet, only the current line or the full-text replacement commands are replaced.

:' <,' > s/ replace/replace with /g

The following command replaces all strings idiots in the text with managers:


Usually we use% in the command to refer to the entire file as the replacement scope:


The following command specifies to replace only lines 5 to 15:


The following command specifies that only substitutions are made between the current line and the end of the file:


The following command specifies that only the following 9 lines will be replaced:


You can also use specific characters as replacement ranges. For example, replace all equal signs (=) in the FROM to semicolon section of SQL statements with unequal signs (< >):

:/FROM/,/; /s/=/<>/g

In the visual mode, first select the replacement range, and then enter: enter the command mode, you can use the S command to replace the text in the selected range.
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