How to systematically learn vim profile configuration methods?

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Learning vim, adapting vim to one’s own programming habits, and writing a configuration file (.vimrc) are essential. However, after struggling for a long time, I found that I couldn’t find a systematic grammar course. Many configuration methods are currently being searched and I don’t know why.

So I now need a vim configuration tutorial:

  1. Official best

  2. The more detailed and comprehensive the better

What recommendations do you have for 0_0? Or, Daniel, let’s share his learning method of vim configuration?

Let’s assume that you are determined to do a good study.vimInstead of asking how to set an option to achieve the effect.

1. Daniel’s packaged distribution can be used directlysp13 vim(I began to studyvimWhen I was young, I didn’t have this. now I don’t want to use it, after allvimThe personalized features of are too obvious, if you are interested, please refer toMy enali’s vimrc, basically have comments, although not recommended to see my)

2. AboutvimThe official help of is the latest Chinese translation version, if you want to directly invimIn:h something, willvimcdocAdd to your package management tool, I useVundleIf you want to checkPDFVersion, easy to take notes, accessVim chinese documentIf you can climb over the wall, it is specially prepared for you.Baidu internet disk link, keywxjuHowever, I have already made a lot of notes in it. basically, look at the user’s guide on the front 300 pages.OKHere we go.

3, nothing to do, can have a lookvimawesome, basically popular plug-ins are in the front, but the website seems to have been ticked and some rankings are not accurate. You may install many plug-ins, but I still hope you are alert, don’t rely too much on plug-ins, read more manuals, and you will find more things.vimThe plug-in will slow down.vimThe start-up speed and running speed of the. The manual is normally kept up to date. For the installed plug-in, it is better to read its help document, not just pressREADME.mdConfiguration can be used on OK. Understand what a plug-in can and cannot do.

4, can have a lookVim practical skillsAt present, Amazon is the cheapest, and Douban also has books. You will verify what I said in the previous article, and you will find more skills you have never thought of. For me, this 5-year-oldvimerIn general, it also surprised me and taught me a lot.

So far, you have reached the intermediate level and can use it very fluently.vimHandle all kinds of texts, then take a look.vimAfter more than 300 pages of the Chinese manual, understandvimLThe syntax of scripting language and the family code of plug-ins, as well as common languages, such aspythonAndrubyYou can write some plug-ins yourself, and expand your application continuously.vimThings done.

6. NewneovimUnder development, it is different from the current one.vim 7.4.x, is a basic redesign and has a promising future.