How to Use Docker Subordinate lanmp Development Environment under Mac?

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If you want to use Docker to deploy a development environment, how do you do it?

I have already installed: docker toolBox, following the method of DaoCloud, uses the following command:

Docker-machine start default starts the Docker.
 Is this command the same as opening tools from a mac application?
 Then: doc-machine sshdefault

I entered a Linux-like shell. What is this system that Docker has by default?

Next: curl -sSL| sh -s e5fa63574ef2cceca3fc4f73ff81a6a7296fd055
If you install the host monitor program of DaoCloud, it seems that if you install this, you can use their mirror source? I’m not sure.

Found Nginx in DaoCloud, install:
docker pull

Next, I don’t know how to do it. if I don’t use DaoCloud, how should I match it? is there a mirror image of China?
Please ask the great gods who know for help, thank you

brew search docker
 brew install boot2docker
 brew install docker