How to view the added content in the remote warehouse after aliyun has built the Git warehouse, cloned it locally and submitted it successfully?

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Details of the problem are as follows
1. After building Git warehouse on Aliyun and cloning it locally, add abd.html andpushSuccess

2. The only local warehouses are index.html and abc.html


3. The content in remote warehouse is different from that in local warehouse.


4. Change the content of clone remote warehouse with another computer, and you can find index.html and abc.html.


5. How can I find the code I submitted in the remote warehouse (index.html and abc.html)?

First, the remote warehouse is a warehouse storage ending in. git, which is not a working copy. However, some simple operations can be done and log must be executed. In order to see the real documents, only in the working copy, that is, need clone down. If clone you append –mirror, the cloned copy is the storage copy, not the working copy, and the directory structure you see is the same as that on the remote server.