How to write a VIM profile from scratch?

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How to write a VIM profile from scratch?

It is difficult to write without reference to anything, unless vim is used for a long time and has a good understanding of various parameters. However, it is not difficult to copy one’s own copy from east to west.

Except ..spf-13Besides, I recommendVimrc of terryma. The former is a very good vimrc model with clear structure, rich documents and customization. The latter vimrc is a single file (many Daniel, such as Shougo’s vimrc, is divided into many files, which is convenient to organize, but it is difficult for beginners to read, and it is easy to find a clue). moreovermapPart of it is the arrangement of key positions, which is very creative and important for beginners to remember key positions. However, terryma’s comments in vimrc’s latest updates were outdated and did not correspond to the content. You can look for the previous commit.

In short, referring to vimrc, the most important thing is that Daniel had better write notes on varioussetThere is an explanation of what exactly it is. Or at least have a copy of vim on handmanCheck it out.

Briefly talk about some key points of writing vimrc:

  • Select a plug-in manager (Vundle, NeoBundle, vim-plug)
  • Select some plug-ins (syntax highlighting, color matching, interface enhancement, editing enhancement, not the more the better, nor the more powerful the better. such asuniteIt is very powerful, but it is difficult to play without certain experience.
  • Setting parameters (this is the most difficult part for beginners, there are many vim default settings that are not suitable for practical application, what needs to be modified, how to modify to conform to my habits, need to read more and try more. Of the great god tpopevim-sensible(related to this)
  • Set the key map (it is a personal habit, but it must be done step by step. When referring to Daniel’s vimrc, it is easy to think that this map is also convenient for that map, and it is also convenient for that map to be set up in a pile. However, vim’s default key has not been clearly remembered, so it is easy to get confused)
  • Set plug-in parameters