In Vim, how can a paragraph be counted as a line if it is automatically folded, and how can it be set so that the J and K keys can be used to move between each “line”?

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After automatically folding lines in Emacs, you can still walk between lines through C-p, C-n, and these lines are actually a long line. Not in Vim, but I want to use HJKL for quick positioning, and I don’t want to destroy the whole line, so I can paste it directly into word, so is there any set of knocking at the door that can do this?

The following key mapping is recommended, which almost (to me completely) does not affect basic behaviors.

nnoremap 0 g0
 vnoremap 0 g0
 nnoremap ^ g^
 vnoremap ^ g^
 nnoremap $ g$
 vnoremap $ g$
 nnoremap j gj
 vnoremap j gj
 nnoremap k gk
 vnoremap k gk