IOS pod spec Creates Remote Private Library to Verify podspec Reported Error

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Pod lib lint verification reported an error.
pod –version 1.3.1
unknown: Encountered an unknown error (/usr/bin/xcrun simctl list -j devices

xcrun: error: unable to find utility “simctl”, not a developer tool or in PATH
) during validation.

Podspec file

The reason is that xcode simulator cannot find the error report. The solution is:
Gets the Xcode path. To obtain the Xcode path, simply find Xcode in the application and drag it to the terminal to obtain the Xcode path.

Steps 2: just continue to enter sudo xcode-select -switch Xcode path /Contents/Developer in the terminal.


For example, my Xcode path is:/applications/ Then I will enter sudoxcode-select-switch/applications/ in the terminal

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