Is it feasible to write java with vim?

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Is the experience much worse than eclipse?
Wouldn’t it be good to write java experience with emacs: (

Ask 100 vimer (I mean the players who really understand vim, not ordinary users) and it is estimated that 99 will tell you: “Yes, but it is not suitable.” (This is a universal answer and you should believe it)

But there will always be one genius in a hundred who will do things that 99% of people cannot do, such as this:http://www.lucianofiandesio.c …

Can what he has done perfectly replace Intellij IDEA or eclipse? The answer is: No-but it depends on who, for a few people, they don’t rely on what IDE has, but vim doesn’t have and is difficult to implement (or the cost of implementation is a bit unworthy), so they can still write Java in vim and write faster than many people. On the other hand, people who use IDE to become proficient will not be slower than vim, let alone now IDE can realize most of vim editing modes-but vim has some advantages that IDE can never reach, light, fast, server almost standard, remote connection available immediately … You can only do one thing well if you are proficient in IDE, and you know what you can do if you are proficient in vim!

Then the question arises: Are you this kind of person? The above answer Emacs is basically applicable, and Emacs can do even more extreme things in the matter of transforming infinite access to IDE.