Jenkins’ Time Zone Setting Problem

  docker, question

For the tasks configured in jenkins, judging from the task log, the discovery time is displayed according to Greenwich time. in the “system information” in jenkins’ system management, user.timezone is also Etc/UTC.

My jenkins environment is like this: jenkins server runs in docker container, host is ubuntu14.04, and the mirror used by container is also ubuntu14.04-based. At first, the time of host and container was also Greenwich time. I reconfigured the time zone of the system through “sudocop/usr/share/zoneinfo/PRC/etc/localtime”, and the time of host and container was shown as Beijing time. However, the time displayed in jenkins server is still Greenwich Mean Time, even if I delete and recreate container.

I don’t know how to adjust the time in jenkins to Beijing time. Thank you

This problem has not been solved. However, because I need to use Beijing time in the script, I didTZ='PRC' dateCommand to save to variable display, only to avoid this problem.