Laradock configures the php development environment, and the display_errors setting does not take effect.

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1. I use laradock to configure the development environment and the service can start normally. Now I want to turn On display_errors=On. I also changed the display_errors settings of php-fpm/php70.ini and laravel.ini to on. after the change, I restarted nginx and php-fpm, but when I refreshed the phpinfo page, display_errors still showed off.
How can I open it?
It took effect when I modified some other cOnfigurations in php70.ini, such as “display_startup_errors” from “Off” to “on” to restart the service.
I also checked that the ini file has not been changed less. Please ask why, thank you.
This is the configuration file in my php-fpm folder in laradock. …

We found the reason, modified the display_error=On in laradock/PHP-fpm/larave.ini and then restarted the dockers container. We found that larave.ini was not loaded, it was still the old one, and the display inside was still Off.
Looking at php-fpm dockfile70, laravel.ini was ADDed by add.
Laradock/php-fpm/dockerfile-70321 line:
ADD ./laravel.ini /usr/local/etc/php/conf.d
ADD ./laravel.pool.conf /usr/local/etc/php-fpm.d/
How do I reload the container with the modified laravel.ini?