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Looking at the online saying that ruby is not suitable for development under windows, there will be many problems. Indeed, I have encountered several problems with unknown reasons. I installed ubuntu16.04 to try ruby, but there are still various problems whether I install ruby gem install rails from source code self-compilation or sudo apt-get. I also tried rvm, but I don’t know when to start, no matter how to reinstall ruby, I gem env and GemSource L. I would like to know where the gem configuration files are so that I can delete them. It is estimated that rails cannot be installed due to the configuration problems of gem.

My question is where is gem’s configuration file? Not to solve the existing problems. . .

First of all, you should clearly know the error prompt. The following are the errors that users often make:
Please check
1. Installing rails requires sqlite3 and sqlite3-dev
2. zlib and zlib-dev are required.
3. To compile and install, you need to install the complete compilation tools, make, gcc, gcc-c++, etc.