Openstack uses LXC, how to manage containers?

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Using lxc on ubuntu alone is very convenient to manage. It can be done through a series of LXC instructions. However, changing nova compute of openstack from kvm to lxc seems to lose the original management method. A series of commands such as lxc-list will not recognize instances of openstack startup. Moreover, the openstack itself monitor cannot access the lxc driver instance. How to manage lxc-driven instances under openstack?
In addition, the container of lxc is composed of multiple files. I would like to ask you what methods can be used to convert the container of lxc into a mirror image recognizable by openstack? The image I am currently testing is downloaded to’ oneiric-server-cloudimg-amd64.tar.gz’

Lxc is the foundation of docker. However, it seems difficult to find documents for lxc and docker to configure applications on openstack.

Thank you very much for asking the above questions.

LXC support for OpenStack should be implemented through libvirt. do you use virsh to manage it (I think LXC support will be abandoned sooner or later, which is too imperfect, and it is estimated that it will be transferred to doc in the future)?