Problems of Revoking Command Line Operation and Highlighting Cursor Line in Vim

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GVim under Windows environment has the following questions, which Vim expert should give some advice?

1) I know that U is the command to revoke the last editing operation. Is there any command to revoke the last command line operation? For example, after I type:: set list, I want to cancel the operation directly. Without entering:: set nolist, are there any other more common shortcut keys and commands?

2) How to highlight the row where the cursor is located and change the row number color of the row where the cursor is located in the insertion mode (for example, change it to red so as to more clearly remind yourself that you are in the insertion mode at this time); After exiting the insert mode, return to the original?

3) A very strange problem: set the foreground color of line number: highlight LineNr guifg=dimgray. Input at the command line can be successfully set, but it will not work after being saved and restarted in the _vimrc file. Why is this? No error was reported at startup. The settings in the _vimrc file are as follows:


Thank you very much!

1) As far as I know, no

2) FromStackOverflowA copy of the scheme:

" Enable CursorLine
 set cursorline
 " Default Colors for CursorLine
 highlight  CursorLine ctermbg=Yellow ctermfg=None
 " Change Color when entering Insert Mode
 autocmd InsertEnter * highlight  CursorLine ctermbg=Green ctermfg=Red
 " Revert Color to default when leaving Insert Mode
 autocmd InsertLeave * highlight  CursorLine ctermbg=Yellow ctermfg=None

3) vim may not have read your _vimrc file, you can look for the settings to see if there is a problem.