Rails routing constraints problem

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As a beginner of rails, I don’t understand a few questions.

class NamespaceConstraint
 def self.matches?  (request)
 name = request.fullpath.split('/').second.downcase
 if name[0] == '~' then name = name[1..-1] end
 ns = Namespace.where(name_lower: request.fullpath.split('/').second.downcase).first
 not ns.nil?
Rails.application.routes.draw do
 constraints(NamespaceConstraint) do
 get  ':namespace' => 'namespaces#show'
  • What does this code roughly mean?

  • self.matches?What does this function name question mark mean?

  • This ..requestThe variable name is not defined, is it automatically generated by rails?

  • not ns.nil?What does this mean?

  • Ruby’s Convention Band? Is true/false

  • Request is a custom variable in rails controller, and so is the corresponding response.

  • Not is the opposite meaning, for example, not true is false. Returns a boolean, not inverted

  • This method is used to match routes. request.fullpath returns relative paths such as blogs.com/blogs and /blogs, then the first line finally obtains’ blogs’, and then’ blogs’ is used to find out whether the current route matches it, if yes, true and false.

  • All these methods can be tried and run step by step locally. This is not a complicated thing.