Rails-webpacker-vue: vuex state value changes, but the corresponding computed value is still the initial value

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Environment: railwebpacker: vue+vuex+vue-router+iview
Problem: change the state value through mutation. through the vue browser debugging tool, you can see that mutation triggers normally, but the variable that computed obtains the corresponding state value is still the initial value of state

Test: Pull out the project:https://github.com/gorails-screencasts/vuejs-trello-clone, in which test, performance is normal
Like the vuejs-trello-clone project, turbolink was opened, but it didn’t help and the problem remained.

// store.js
 state: {
 testObj: {},
 test: false
 mutations: {
 updateObj (state, obj) {
 state.testObj = obj
 updateTest (state, value) {
 state.test = value
 // pageA.vue path:'/pagea' name: 'pagea'
 this.$store.commit('updateObj', objData)
 this.$store.commit('updateTest', true)
 //subcomponent of combs.vuepage
 computed: {
 test() {
 return this.$store.state.test
 testObj() {
 return this.$store.state.testObj

The simplified main process is as above. It is estimated that the whole project will be helpful to find the cause of the problem.
2018-04-12 Supplement:
Problem recurrence demo:https://github.com/BoleLee/ra …
Start the project, the home page can be tested

This problem has been solved, which shows thatissue#1423

// import Vue from 'vue/dist/vue.esm'
 import Vue from 'vue'

Revising and quoting vue’s version will solve the problem. It may be because I use vue.esm in some places and vue directly in others, which leads to conflicts. This problem also causes occasional reports [Vue warn]