Repeat the mapping command in vim view mode

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I wrote a vim function to print the selected lines of text and map the shortcut keys. The code is as follows:

function!  EchoVisual()
 let st= getpos("'<")[1]
 let ed= getpos("'>")[1]
 execute '!  sed -n '.st.','.ed.'p '.expand('%:p')
 vmap <leader>e :call EchoVisual()<CR>

But in the actual implementation, every time I press<leader>eWhen the EchoVisual function will be executed n times repeatedly, the size of n is the same as the number of rows I selected. what is the problem? How to solve it?

Now I know

command!   -range=% EchoVisual :!  sed -n <line1>,<line2>p %:p
 vmap <leader>e :EchoVisual<CR>