Request Two Usage Problems of ctrlSF Plug-in in vim

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  • How do I ignore a folder, such as node_module?

    Is it possible to ignore folders for ctrlSF configuration like ctrlP configuration ignoreDir?

  • How do I specify to search for a folder (path)?
    Look at the ctrlSF help document, which is an example of the following one.
    Search in a specific sub-directory

    :CtrlSF {pattern} /path/to/dir

    However, I do not know whether path is written relative to the directory (d:/workspace/project) where gvim is currently running (/src/views/), or according to the full address (D:/workspace/project/src/views/)

/path/to/dir this path is not a subpath but an absolute path. The root path of the unix-like system starts with/.