Several Problems of Vim_ Portable Edition

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I searched and found no similar problems.Make sure this is not a garbage problem
As a small white user of Vim, I have only been in touch with it for a while. there are many problems.
Vim I am referring to is gVim on Windows platform

Does Vim have a portable version?

I think there must be, this ancient weapon, everyone’s Vim is very personalized, it is impossible to reconfigure it every time you change the environment (that violates the original intention of Vim), but my Google results are as follows:


I just want toVimJust put it in the U disk, just like your ownSublimesame

Before, I was not familiar with Vim. After a period of use, it was completely unnecessary to download the so-called portable version. Vim+git+github can realize my original intention and maintain a consistent experience everywhere.

Yes. .
I have it ready:
Download address: Internet disc (with advertisement):
In fact, the file structure is like this:


By the way, there will be an error message after the startup. I haven’t changed it on the internet.
You add a to the last line of vim72/vimrc _ example.vim.endifJust: